Friday 27 May 2011



I learned something new today. Although, it might have been something I already knew but I hadn’t realised it. 

I was reading Orson Scott Card’s advice on writing Science Fiction when he mentioned, almost in passing, that for the purposes of good fiction, the character with the highest status does not make the best protagonist.

Queens and starship commanders are constrained by the duties of the office so they cannot act unpredictably.

One mess of JT-Kirk’s-demotion-for-dereliction-of-duty later, I realised I had learned a powerful lesson: the big players plot and the lesser ones get to actively pursue the quest and make the story.

50% of the way through STARRING, I know where I'm going next :D



In the mountain peaks at the top of the world, the rebel group of dragon lords, The Ormr, gather to discuss what grounds exist to challenge the action of The Dreake. The most powerful and ancient dragons, The Dreake, are unsatisfied: the ice sheets they created have failed to wipe the last stain of human existence from the face of their world - The Jorde. 

While The Dreake are preparing to unleash the power that slumbers inside all vulka,The Ormr seek the grounds to overthrow them and prevent the cataclysmic destruction of all half-life : the human, the frail of fur and feather and the Unsanne. 

The Orme ally themselves to Ulver Wulven, littermate to Kraftig, Prince of Wolves. Ulver agrees to discover if the tale suppressed by the Dragon Lords contains a dangerous truth: that The Dellege have more than the base qualities that mark half-life from The Living, because unless the legend of Gamel’s Ordet, is true, The Dreake will bring about the clouding and life on Jorde will never be the same again.

Clinging to the ways of the old world, the last of The Dellege scrape a meagre existence and walk the edge of extinction. 

Vite had spoken for The Dellege, in the days when The Dreake would listen. Ulver is sent to bring Vite to The Ormr for testing. 

When Ulver is trapped in a snare, Dictate says he must end his life or do what he must to escape. To his shame, Ulver is rescued by a Dellege spawn. Ulver is bound to the boy, Storm, by his honour… even if the thin, white mutt refuses to see it. Using might and mist, Ulver brings Storm with him on his quest.

The Vite of Ulver’s father’s day, is no more. Blood of her blood, Kreille, the daughter of her daughter, agrees to go for the testing, in her stead. 

In the Storm and Kreille, Ulver sees the that impossible is true. 

As the days of Utbrudd approach, Ulver hurries to present Storm and Kreille before The Dreaken Court to prove that there is truth in Gamel’s Ordet: the two legged Dellege are sanne spirited. In their suppression of the legend, The Dreake have knowingly ignored Dictate and their lives are forfeit.

With Ulver, Storm and Kreille know they are racing into danger but the future of the world, and the survival of more than their species, is at stake.

Do you know what you are writing next?


  1. I love having those ah-HA moments!

  2. Hi Jolene
    They are some of the most fun moments :D

  3. Unforgettable moments, read you a taste.
    wish you a happy weekend.
    a kiss.

  4. Your spunk really shines through in this post.