Wednesday 4 May 2011

Catching the Writing Bug

Isn't this bug the cutest?!

Like, you start out not even noticing them: the days are long, the work is hard, the TV is decent and family and friends distract you.

The initial sighting of the Writing Bug is quiet and it really doesn’t disturb you much at all.

One day, a tiny little buzz echoes quite a long way off.

Once you put a name to the Writing Bug, the little bleeder grows from a small pest to an all-consuming irritation. The grating becomes more insistent until you can make out the details of the first of the species.

You can see your Writing Bug forming before your eyes.

Most people reach for tools that should alleviate the problem: reams of paper and sharpened implements – it is never enough.

In a bid to make the nuisance go away, more advanced technology seems to be the answer but the tapping doesn’t do anything to diminish the Writing Bug.

If anything, the more attention you pay to it, the worse the infestation becomes.

That one bug spawns.

Soon, your house shows the signs of the presence of the bug.

Work takes up valuable time when you could be dealing with the infiltration.

Your children start when you answer them – they’ve become used to seeing you questing for relief from the effects of the bug.

Your partner starts.

As time goes on, the Writing Bug mutates into different species and forms.

Some people never notice this pest. Some fight the need. Some hunt the Writing Bug with a passion.

If you want to do more than be consumed by the Writing Bug you need three tools:

     Knowledge of the beast

     Improvement of your efforts

     And you need to submit ;)

The Writing Bug isn't pretty, but once it edit-ates in will improve beyond recognition. 

Are you coping with your Writing Bug? 


  1. So great! Ihave been trying to ignore it for years, now I fear it is to late for me.

  2. Letting it completely take over my life ;)

  3. Yup, I'm being swarmed. Ad I like it. :)

  4. Hehehehe I'm back to hearing the buzz, but the little bug won't come close enough for me to attack it. Sigh.

  5. I'm coping with it a lot more now that I have my computer back from Repair Land :)

  6. Hi Siv Maria
    I hope you are not too disheartened. I believe it is never too late.

    Hi Jolene
    Oh no! There must be a treat - ment for the Writing Bug ;)

    Hi Karen
    You make being swarmed sound like fun. :D

    Hi Misha
    Don't we need to burn a little brighter to make the Writing Bug come closer? ;)

    Hi Jemi
    I feel for you! After dropping my tea on the key board this morning, I had a day with no bottom row, capital letters or an enter key - I was desperate. Then I found the my old one and it was all joy and the buzzing of the Writing Bug over here. :D

  7. LOL that's awesome! We've decided to just go ahead and live with an infection o writing bugs. It's a lifestyle, that's for sure!

  8. It's currently biting me. I must start writing again. I must!

  9. Hi Ali
    It is respectful cohabitation is good for the ecology ;)

    Hi Ivy
    My thoughts entirely. It is hard to feel the bug bite and not get to the next stage.

    Hi Bethany
    The Writing Bug bite is a good pain. I hope you enjoy your writing. Good Luck :)

  10. It's the only time I enjoy getting sick!

  11. Hi Melissa
    It is an infection that breeds wordy consequences ;)