Thursday 5 May 2011


I'm going to ask if I can rank my first
and second choice. ;)

I’m going to vote in the AV referendum because it is a referendum and because I’ve been asked to have an opinion.
I’m having a problem with voting on this issue: I don’t know what effect it would have on the electoral system. I cannot see what the consequences might be. I don’t know what the real advantages and disadvantages are.
The campaigns –Yes and No – have been unconvincing. Both sides waged negative campaigns that didn’t cast much light on the issue. I watched every advert and ended up just as confused as I was at the start.
The changes which could be wrought as a result of the referendum are historic  – they could reach deep into the fabric of our government – so abstaining can’t be the right response… but it is tempting.
I’m going to vote. The papers are in my hand but I still don’t know which way I’m voting.
Maybe I’ll go for coffee or perhaps I’ll opt for a beer at one of the town centre pubs instead ;)
Would you prefer a jumble-sale of MPs making decisions or the neat and tidy rows separated by the colour of their ties?


  1. More power to you. I wouldn't know how to vote either. I'd be at the coffee shop doing LOTS of research first.

  2. Hi Karen
    The ramifications of the decision make it seem awesome... to me :s