Thursday 3 March 2011


Subliminal ;)

Ways to improve your writing – these are the ones I’m working on ;)

  1. Use the active voice - I wrote a book, not, the book was written by me.
  2. Check with the grammar sites – that way, you’ll know exactly which rules you’re breaking.
  3. The big words can stay if they're necessary – but evaluate every one of them. If a small word can convey the sense, let it.
  4. Think about the reader: write for them but not down to them.
  5. Keep your paragraphs short.
  6. Use imagery to build emotional impact.
  7. Use adverbs sparingly - like chilli, enough to add flavour but not so much it destroys the meal.
  8. Join a local writing group or find some awesome readers for whom distance is no obstacle J
  9. Avoid writing slang, it changed yesterday, already!
  10. And edit


How has your writing day been?

Mine was pretty good :D


  1. Where are the other two??? I'm chomping away at my sandwich, crumbs falling everywhere, just waiting to see :)

    And I agree with all ten. Great advice. I just finished chapter 20 of my WIP, so I think I'm doing good.

  2. Hi Mysti
    I'm sorry for spoiling your sandwich. The first, or final, two rules are bigger than the rest but subliminal ;)

  3. Great advice!

    Glad to hear you had a good writing day. I finally managed to get down some of the first chapter of the book I'm editing after over a week of wrangling with it, so I'm happy. :)

  4. Hi GE
    Happy Editing to you! :D

  5. Super advice Elaine. I'm new to the whole blogging thing; and as I continue to comment to your post I'm sure you'll discover that through my writing. I just really enjoy expressing myself through the written word. So, finding helpful information such as this article is a great way for me to improve on my weaknesses. Which I'm learning are quite extensive. I'm used to just jogging things from my mind to a word document and letting spell check handle the rest. I'm a different kind of writer, with no real training or real direction; whatever comes to mind comes out on paper. I don't know if this is always a good thing or not, but its what I find myself doing. I'm learning though. The most valuable rule that you stated for me, that I am certainly guilty of doing is to "Avoid writing slang, it changed yesterday, already!"

    Anywho, just wanted to say thanks for the post; from a beginner blogger. I obviously should work on keeping the paragraphs short as well. Lol I'll be following so thanks again and have an awesome day. :)

  6. This is a great list Elaine. Keep it simple, but definitely re-read. Over and over and over again. :) I take these things one at a time so I can really concentrate on them.

  7. Great list. I Edit, put it away and reread, then start over.

  8. I especially like # 9. I already know I use some sort of slang all the time but agree, to improve on writing, it needs to be somewhat of a timeless written form.

    Thanks for sharing your list!

  9. Hi Kingskidd
    A big welcome to a new blogger and writer :D
    Life and writing, the biggest learning journies ;)

    Hi Charity
    I do too! It is so easy to slip into the passive, even during the first draft I find my concentration slips - I'm jarred out of writing by remembering to keep a handle on common errors. Happy Giddy Day:)

    Hi Kari Marie
    That is good advice. Finish, put it away then go back and edit.

    Hi Tana
    Yes, I slang evolves far too quickly to use too much. Unless you are inventing it! But that can sound like Charlie Sheen.