Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kid Lit's First Birthday Bash comes with a present

Everyday, I read the posts on the Adventures in Children's Publishing Blog usually via TWITTER: @4KidsLit

Today, they posted about a great opportunity:

 A first chapter critique by literary agent Natalie Fischer. 

Natalie Fischer has recently moved from the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency to the Bradford Agency.  Don't dust off your query and hit send just yet: she is still settling in so she is not ready to accept submissions.

However, on  the Adventures Blog, Natalie Fischer's explanation of voice and style had the same affect as washing the fingerprints off my glasses - I'd always been able to see the difference but everything got a lot clearer, remarkably quickly ;) 

Question: How would you describe the difference between voice, style, and language in a manuscript?

Natalie: Language is diction: the word choices, the literal language of nationality. Style is the form: short, choppy, flowing, poetic, lyrical. Voice is the personality, the person behind the words that makes the reader forget about the author, and dive into a life. It’s what you remember about the characters long after you’ve forgotten their names. 

She also blogs and she tweets at @Natalie_Fischer.

I entered the First Chapter Critique Giveaway, I found two places to do it too :D

"Want to know if your voice is right for your manuscript? For the market?"
Let's face it, who doesn't!
Head straight over to the Adventures Blog: remember to comment and fill out the form so you can help them celebrate the one year anniversary.
They will be selecting their winner at random and posting the name on Saturday. 
I've been thinking about Blog Birthdays recently as it is only two days to the second anniversary of this blog. It feels like minutes, except when I can't think of anything much to write ;)
How long have you been blogging? Is your Blogging Birthday due soon?


  1. wonderful post! Good luck! My blogs birthday- I don't even bother with it lol

  2. Summer!
    All birthdays are improtant - they need to be celebrated so they feel special ;)

  3. It's hard to believe they are only on birthday seems like they've always been here in my blogroll!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  4. Great post! I read the interview--she really describes voice well.

    I just started my blog, so I have some time till the first birthday : )

  5. Hi Angela
    I know what you mean; the site is one of my must read sites :)

    Hi Plamena
    Congratulations on starting your blog. The adventure is all ahead of you :D

  6. That's an interesting explanation!

    Good luck!

  7. Congrats on the almost 2 years!! :) Strangely, I'm not really sure when I started blogging - but I think it's 2 years ago sometime this summer!

  8. Hi GE
    It was a helpful description: brief and pithy :)

    Hi Jemi
    It is strange to think I've been blogging for that long. I looked back at the dark brown basic and wondered why ;) The options were much more limited. :D