Thursday 11 February 2010

And the award goes to....

Anne has presented me with an award!

I have been pondering what I could possible write, can't say I'm too sure of the rules either :s

I'm going to give this a go:


  1. I don't have any pets - when I was a child I had a goldfish I took for walks (in his goldfishy bowl) on a skateboard. I called him Joey - what can I say?!

  2. We are a family with 2.5 children - our oldest is definitely worth an extra half in time and trouble

  3. I teach where substitute teachers fear to tread

  4. I was so excited when the snow fell with blizzard intensity today that I went dancing in the garden

  5. I hate being too hot or too cold (I didn't last long outside!)

  6. I have endless patience up to the point when I blow - then I storm like a tornado but blow myself out very quickly.

  7. I was born in the middle of a pack - with three brothers older and three younger than me

  8. I have a sister who lives in Melbourne, Aus and that is too far away

  9. I was born in Dublin, Eire.

  10. I have a wish list of countries I want to visit based on historical events or books and movies (some of the "off-world" places might be harder to tick off my list)

There you go 10 facts.

Katie Davies won the Waterstone Children's Book Prize with The Great Hampster Massacre.

She and my goldfish Joey, who I wanted to be a bird but had to settle for being creative with, would have a lot in common, I think.


  1. Nice! I love your #3 - been there!

  2. Yay! I love Ireland. I've been there several times and always want to go back.

  3. I love Ireland, too. My grandfather was from there, and the family all try to go at least once in their lifetimes. My father is one of six brothers and one sister, too. Lots of cousins. And it is so beautiful! Could sit in a pub all day, just to stumble through the fields when the sun is going down. So beautiful! Never been to Australia, though. So want to go.
    Have you read Tracks about the girl trekking the camels there? Very interesting, gave me a good image of how varied the landscape is there.

  4. Hi Jemi, Anne and JD
    Many thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts.
    I've taught in lovely schools with equally lovely children but making a difference is at the heart of my teaching.
    Ireland is very special to me - city and country. The Dingle Peninsula is the most beautiful of coastlines with rainbows scattered the length of the place!
    Big families are great, I certainly didn't have a lonely childhood but I learned the value solitude.
    Australia is amazing. My sister has lived in all of the states and even in the opal fields.

    It sounds like I need to add the book Tracks to my list of books I'm going to get around to reading.

  5. Felicitations on your award. I like what you said on my blog and will follow yours. Oh and I like the photo above, no I love it.
    You have a lovely weekend.
    Warm regards,

  6. Hey Simone
    Thanks for stopping by and following, always a delightful surprise.
    I felt so badly for your character. They struck me as two people who didn't know each other very well but who had the potential to be happy together.

  7. Hi, I came by to say thanks for checking out my lovefest entry :) It looks like a cool day to visit you because I got to learn ten things about you! I love your number ten. I'm a big history lover :)