Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Near Edgware

The Ridgways are triplets - identical, as far as the world-at-large is concerned - but Jess just doesn't see them that way.

The brothers were in the Common Room. Raphael worked on a low table. Alex lounged with his feet a little too close to his brother’s work. Caleb was moving the Common Room chairs into place and lining them up. Who said it was hard to tell the brothers apart? It was strange to see them relaxed, without the secretive huddle they would switch to once the rest of the Sixth Form arrived. I stood completely still-didn't even breathe-but they each turned to look my way.

Why are they triplets? Because three is an odd number. I couldn't bear separating twins and leaving one on his own. Besides amongst the three brothers Caleb is the odd one out. The one with a different destiny. Caleb is different, flawed... and human.


  1. Is this an exerpt from your novel?

    Very nice writing. I'm intrigued by them.


  2. Hey Donna - nice to hear from you
    Yes, the brothers are key characters in Near Edgware.
    Jess and Caleb are an irresistible force ;)