Saturday 6 June 2009

Still Writing - end of year reports :(

I'm not at my happiest - I set the target of doing my class basic tick sections before I was allowed to go to bed - but I forgot that if you're going to do too much Blog reading and responding time will not wait for you to get back on task.
So at 4am when I reached my set target I wished I had more self-discipline. But I was fascinated by the minimal number of responses on my favourite blog so had to research if any major social, economic or natural disaster had interrupted normal life and I'd failed to notice it ... all seemed to be as right in the world as it ever is ... but it kept irritating at my concentration, so, the task took a lot longer to complete.

Been considering boys' fiction - my partner doesn't do fiction - but avidly reads the other forms of narrative. This is what I'm going to look at for my next project 50,000 words tops - aimed at boys. Easy peasy........ umm!

Tony and his dysfunctional family (with a twist) will be aimed at the 8 - 12 middle school years.
Does it ever end - Blog Diaries YA boys

Meanwhile, back at the poetry department - I think you have to count it as 'arriving' in the 'Twitter poetry league' when the wordy-est poet out there is now following you twice. Either that or you're that un-memorable or he has some goldfish-like tendencies!!

"The more you have, the more you're occupied; the less you have, the more free you are." -- Mother Teresa
Capital thinking!

"One who has health has hope, and one who has hope has everything." -- Arabian quote
Hope makes us greater...
swollen like an indrawn breath:
a-void a-bubble.

Truly, I thought I wanted 'unavoidable' and was all but banging my head on the desk trying to make it all fit within the syllable restrictions - but ended up with 'avoidable' with pictures inside pictures and it turned out much more meaningful - sometimes you have to let go of where you thought you were going and have a look to see where you've arrived.

I have been 'hanging with' the philosophers too long!

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