Sunday 14 June 2009

Gave editing the heave-ho and spent another Sunday on research

My brain feels sore - I've filled it with the details of four separate books - the joy of research - the feeling is not a comfortable one.

I can't decide which one to write first!

I have decided to plan in the grid method but directly into Word instead of planning on paper in my notebook first. I'm going to update this as I'm going along because the thing I hated writing most - for submission - was the synopsis.

I seem to have decided what kind of writer I am:
  • wander the shelves of three book shops and see what isn't there
  • internet and book research
  • plan onto grid format
  • word process only
  • first person narration
  • simple past tense
  • big on describing setting
  • less detail when describing characters
  • know the arc and how to twist the plot

I'm going to work on all four - probably.

No more than 80,000 words - this is a month at the speed I work at - 'it's all in my head' and all that!

I also wrote a preface for 'Nothing like as long as it was ...' oops!

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