Monday, 18 January 2010

Query letter?

NEXT STOP - The Public Query Slush Pile - it's time to get savaged over there!

Dear Agent

I have recently completed my 72,200-word YA paranormal romance entitled Near Edgware, and I hope you might consider representing me. My writing lulls with school-based settings and bites like a Kelley Armstrong.

Sixteen-year-old, Jess Trainer, has a lot in common with Caleb Ridgeway: the athletic skills, unusual senses and the feeling of being something different - a little apart from their peers. If her parents had told Jess their family secrets she might have understood why she is attracted to the boy who cannot let anyone see the other side of him.

Jess does not understand why Caleb fights to keep her at a distance when their classes, common interests and the almost addictive attraction makes being away from him unbearable. After spending time together Caleb's scent lingers on Jess' clothes, this brings out the worst kind of wolves still living in England. The sight of Caleb, and his protectors at work, is the solution to the puzzle she has been piecing together. Jess finds the reality hard to accept, but she realises she loves someone who is neither human nor wolf - he is Were .

Jess risks her life, and her humanity, to reach a traumatised Caleb after the pack is attacked. Only she can guide him back with her love.

This book can stand alone but it has series potential.

I am a teacher with the usual English qualifications and a less usual counselling one.

Thank you for your time,


  1. Oooh the story sounds intriguing. And I'm not even a big werewolf kind of girl.

    I love your closing..."I am a teacher with the usual English qualifications and a less usual counseling one."

    Shows a bit of personality. :)

  2. That really sounds intriguing and very, very interesting. An I'm not a big werewolf fan either. Thing is, just when we think we aren't, something like this goes and surprises us!

  3. Thank you, Karen and JD, for your thoughts.As fellow writers-in-waiting, they really matter to me.
    I am delighted the pitch made the small story appeal to readers who aren't, generally, fans of all things Were, too.
    I have been delighted to receive such positive comments from my readers who have ranged from 11-year-olds to the age when they stop admitting what it is, that the query letter has taken on almost insurmountable proportions. :s