Wednesday 26 June 2013


For work, I'm writing Individual Activity Support Plans and Risk Assessments: lots and lots of them. And, in my spare time, I'm applying for jobs. You know when you see the perfect job: not a comparable job... or even a well-paid one, but the job you find totally inspirational; the job you've always wanted but didn't know exists?  I'm only allowing myself to glance over my shoulder at one of the jobs I'm applying for - I don't want it to know how much I want it. I'm working out how to sell my skilful self without resorting to grovelling or, worse still, to opting for the Oliver Twist's-eyes approach.

On the Reading front, I'm having so much fun reading Tessa Dare: yet, I rarely read Regency novels.


On the Writing front, I'm writing the last words for Hal Longleat today. As it has been seen by Betas, this is the slightly more polished end of the first draft. I have specific revisions to do. I have been concentrating on speech patterns for Hal and the other pages. The last specific revision is to check the character development arcs for the other pages - I can't allow any saggy support characters to wobble their way around and through my MG novel ;)


Secondary characters sometimes need zip.  Here’s a simple way to work on that…

71 Pick a character other than your MC.  What would your MC never, ever guess about this person?  Spring that surprise.


  1. Fingers crossed that you get the perfect job.

    Great tip from Donald Maass. I might use this one soon. :-D

    1. Hi Misha
      The informal part went very well. I have spent - what feels like - all day (Sunday) on the application form and letter. But, I hope it will be time well spent.

    2. How did it go? Have you received an answer yet?

    3. Hi got the first job I went for - it wasn't possible to wait around for the other - a job offer on paper is worth many theoretical ones. ;)

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