Sunday 9 June 2013



This week has been full of work related work and a very cool new summer house that we had erected at the bottom of the garden.

He-who-must-not-be-named is off on the school journey to the Isle of Wight and even that is putting a dent in my writing hours.

I loved making blogging the focus for April and May but June - apart from time spent on the novel - this month has been more Wreck-it than Write-it.

I didn't sign up for the Weekend Writing Warrior's creative extravaganza but I hope all the 8s are great ;)

Just to prove I haven't been entirely idle I am posting (a few more than 8) sentences from my MG wip:

Ex-stableboy, 10 year-old, Hal Longleat, struggles to adapt to life in a knight’s household when a vicious page's determined to force him out  

“I DON'T CARE!” William shouted, “I don’t want to get there at all. I was happy at Calchester with my uncle.” He stood on one foot, with his hand resting on his hip where his sword should be. “And, I STILL say… you don’t know where we’re going.”
“We’re going to Cawvin Castle, in Ravendale.”
If there had only been Reynold and Jack travelling with him, Hal would have gotten away with the lie. They nodded. They turned away until William growled.
“HA! And where Is Cawvin Castle?" asked William. “Where is Ravendale, precisely?”
Hal spun around, and he pointed. “THAT WAY!” he yelled. 

I plan to get back to the proper routine next Tuesday - Happy Writing.

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