Friday, 7 September 2012


Never…was so much owed by so many to so few. ~
Winston Churchill
Oh, bless!
I was this age when I wrote my first book.
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This quote is definitely true of writers.

It takes effort, time and a certain amount of conflict to bring an idea from the first inkling to the final draft.

Despite the pleasure to be found in writing, it can be a lonely and difficult struggle to get the pages to reflect the world you first imagined.

It takes bravery to write and finish the novel and then comes the really hard part. Once it’s done, the safest place for it – for the writer – is to put it in a folder and keep it from harm.

With a deep breath and nervousness, the brave writer begins to write, and then re-writes, their query letter.

If that letter is ever seen by anyone else it offers it up to a world of criticism and rejection.

It would be easier not to bother, after all the first joy of writing is writing.

I have entered my Query letter for Deana Barnhart’s GUTGAA Pitch Polish blogfest.

I know I’ll learn from the experience. I hope everyone who stops by to read and comment can take away snippets of good advice too.

Have a great weekend. May all your conflicts be little ones – so little they don’t scratch at your surface or cause you any pain.


For me, it is the time away from family

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. ~ Winston Churchill

This thought praised the service, and the sacrifice, of the brave men and women of the RAF after the darkest hours of the last world war. I would never belittle their sacrifice or that of anyone whose work and service protected, or protects, the peace and security of nations.


  1. I think my conflict is time. There's never enough.

    1. Hi Cherie
      I agree, time constraints are sooo annoying.

  2. Which part of writing brings me into conflict? The fundamental mechanism of it that consumes biological, and more often, emotional and intellectual energy. I am willing to give it all I can summon, but this is seldom enough to write enough to satisfy my conscience.

    1. Hi John
      It must be irritating to feel physically drained by writing, the emotional and intellectual energy is hard enough to lose. Whatever each writer achieves is an achievement.

  3. Disciplined use of time is my conflict!

    1. Hi Terri
      Doesn't it suck that time drains away when everything else is syphoning your away at your attention?! ;)