Thursday 1 March 2012


I finished THE HIGHER ROAD. 

I changed the name at the last second. I like to think it is an "-er" away from the cliché. :)

Including thinking about the advice and completing the manuscript, the process of changing the novel from 3rd to 1st person, and increasing the word count, took seventeen days. 

"Guessing what was happening, the whole time, was wearing me out." I hadn't realised I had shifted too far along the "show" verse "tell" slide. 

It is done and I even got it into the post on time!

That is me finished *zip-shut-and-schtum! HIGH ROAD? What high road? ;)


I'm a day early.

Early is keen.

I wrote a poem... I hear plagiarism doesn't count if you include it in poetry ;)

Happb Birthday, Dr Seuss

At the end of the shelf
The teacher said, “Look,
if you’ve finished your work
you could look at a book.”

I stood there with Gerard.
We  stood there, we two.
And I said, “How I wish
they were int’resting too.”

We were too young for
fat books… the print was too small.
They had black blobs and dots
that did nothing at all.

We were too old for
books with a word on each page.
The pictures were nice
But we’d moved past that stage.

So all we could do was to
go with the fat.
And we faked some good reading
Turned the pages and that.

And then
Something went BUMP!
And it wasn't a door
How that bump made us jump
when it crashed to the floor!

We looked
And we saw a strange book on the mat!
We looked and we saw it!
The Cat in the Hat!

With his bow and umbrella
With his hands out... so funny.
The cat in striped hat made
The classroom seem sunny.

“I know a good place.
We could read this all day,”
said the boy
who I knew was addicted to play.

The pictures were brilliant.
Reading wasn’t a fight.
The story was bad.
We found bad was just right.

We ate up the story
Of boxes and hooks
The fish and the Things
We’d found inside the book.

With the bell, we both ran.
Mum said, “What did you play?”
We said, "Nothing…  Dr Seuss made
made us readers today."

Happy Birthday Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Dr Seuss is timeless. There is only one other doctor I know who is like that. 

The colours of my early years were black and white, and blue and read - thanks to Dr Seuss.



  1. Thanks Matthew. For a while there I thought I wasn't going to make it.

  2. congrats on the submission deadline Elaine. Have yourself a celebration.

    Loved your fan fiction for Dr Seuss too :)


  3. Hi Donna
    Thank you - I set midday on 29th Feb as the LATEST time to take it to post. I was still checking through up to about 11.30 am.
    I hope Theodor didn't mind me taking liberties with his work and his rhyme scheme.