Sunday 25 March 2012


I'm nervous, Arlee Bird's Blogging from A to Z is looming large on the horizon. With one week to go until the start, only 1,211 Bloggers have signed up. To keep it manageable, Lee has been joined by an ever expanding team who will help to co-ordinate the Blogfest. 

It is Lee's fault that April will always be flavoured alphabetically ;)

I'm preparing to spend April writing 26 blogposts on the same subject... again. I still haven't decided which A to Z idea - of the several that have been tumbling around in my head - I'm going to go with. 

Last year, I posted an A to Z of CHARACTERISATION. 

Doing the research and writing the posts... was an exhausting, but totally worthwhile, experience.

As a warm up ;) I have entered the Unicorn Bell Blog's A Picture Paints 1,000 Words Blogfest which is running from 26th to 28th March. All you do is select an image and write a story of 1,000 words (or less).

I was drawn to this picture. So far, I have written the opening and named the angel and the city. I think, that is more than half of the task ;)


Noxious breath, dense with pollution, wheezed through Melekar cityIt lay thick and slow in the streets, a lazy but efficient killer.

To get this far, I have researched smog, air pressure, toxic gases, poor breath sounds, wing physiology and hunted down suitable translations to name my angel and the city.



  1. love your opening. Can't wait to see the rest :)

  2. Hi Elaine, I hope you don't mind but I've just tagged you for the Lucky Seven Meme. You have to go to page 77 of your Work in Progress and select line 7 and copy out the next 7 lines of sentences, or paragraphs then find seven more people to tagged. It's a great way to promote your book or WIP.

    Hope you can join in.
    PS. sorry if you have already been tagged.

  3. Loved the opening, and yes, I have done some interesting research this week - but not specifically for my writing. Although now that I think about it . . . it might be interesting to write story about a rare enzyme disorder that makes certain regular anesthesia compounds life-threatening . . . maybe.

  4. Hi M, Jamara and Tyrean
    Thank you for your encouraging words. I'm about half way through but the rest is too choppy to hit the screen here ;) Yes, Jamara, I have been tagged. I'll be happy to post - probably on Thursday - but the every multiplying numbers will be getting out of hand soon.Tyrean I think the idea of the rare enzyme disorder is a good one - ask all the people who tune in to watch House :)