Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Have you seen the Flash Fiction Competition hosted by the Authonomy Blog?

As part of the celebrations planned to accompany the release of Miranda Dickinson’s fantastic third novel, IT STARTED WITH A KISS, Authonomy have teamed up with her publishers, Avon / Harper Collins, and together they have devised a competition with a lip-smacking prize.

The winner will be rewarded with the opportunity to send 20,000 words from their MS to the desk of a Harper Collins' editor (hopefully, while s/he is sitting at it ;)

All you have to do is prove your writing ability using exactly 416 words.

Why is 416 the magic number?  
Miranda Dickinson created her deliciously funny romantic tale – that started with a kiss  in 416 pages.

Not that I think anyone else should enter the competition oranything (that would make it – statistically –  even more challenging for me ;) but these are the entry requirements:

1         Take the title IT STARTED WITH A KISS
2         Create a masterpiece of flash fiction
3         Send it to YourAuthonomy@harpercollins.co.uk .

They are happy to receive submissions in any style and any genre.

The closing date for submissions is midnight, 16th October. Remember to play it safe and send off your entry before that date because I’m unsure which global time zone this relates too but my guess is GMT.

Four runners-up, will also receive a signed copy of Miranda’s novel, which will be published on 10th November 2011.

Good luck to everyone who enters the competition.

I've just bought a new book so I'm keen to share a little.

Tuesday’s Teaser

Usual rules apply:

1 Grab your current read.

2 Let the book fall open to a random page.

3 Share two (2) sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.

They say it is a good idea to share the title of the book your “teaser” is from so others can find it and read on if the section you've posted has drawn them in.

“As he did so, the night cricket chirped a little louder and the boy’s hand tightened round the hilt of his sword. His father had once said, ‘A samurai should always obey his instincts’, and his instincts told him something was wrong.”

Young Samurai: The Way Of The Warrior by Chris Bradford
This is a Children’s Historical Novel. First published in 2008, this book was nominated for ten major awards.

It is the first in a series of action/adventure novels. I’m on page 2 so Jack Fletcher and I have a long journey to take together ;)

Have you entered the competition? Started a new book recently?


  1. wow, that's a great contest. Not easy to write a story with an exact number of words. Worth the challenge though.

  2. Man what a challenge. Soemthing to deeply consider. Thanks for the info.

  3. Hi Lynda
    Isn't it just. I figured the prize was well worth wrangling with the word count. ;)

    Hi Donna
    It was a fun challenge. 416 isn't the usual length for flash fiction - enough space for a little characterisation but not a lot :D Good luck to you, if you do decide to enter the competition.

  4. That's a great challenge and rewarding too!

    I really liked the teaser.

    I have an award for you on my blog.

  5. Hi Summer
    It is a great opportunity - beats the lottery and the regular slushpile ;)
    Love the new fairy.
    Thanks the the award.

  6. Great competition! What a cool giveaway. Hmmm, I'm thinking about this one. I may have to enter.

  7. Hi ER
    It is a great competition. Good luck if you do decide to enter.

  8. "Now I'm going to tell you a story!" Laura was very pleased. But Mrs. Tower began, "It is all about a little baby, born long ago in Egypt. His name was Moses." From "On The Banks of Plum Creek" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I decided to revisit the stories from my childhood as research for writing young adult fiction.

    It is fun - all the things I know -because I just know - the feeling that maybe I lived in the past. I'm thinking it all came from reading these books!

    Thinking about that competition sounds fun!