Sunday, 16 October 2011


Good grief it's Sunday again. How did that happen? ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog and the thoughts and ideas you share. I really appreciate your ideas because I never write for adults. Ever. Except for my manuscript DRAWN. What can I say, I just keep finding myself drawn back to it ;)

Darrah is The Arm of Elthor's Corp - this gives her responsibility for the men she selects to train and to lead. Her secret mission is to find the Regal's heir who has been taken. The evidence suggests that The Sarkisian's - who, with their unusual powers and their need to feed directly from the living, are hated and feared - are responsible. Darrah, who has personal reasons to want all that race to husk and crumble is finding it hard deal with her reactions to the Hale who has been sent to find out who, or what, is trying to destroy the fragile peace between their peoples.

Darrah was sure she had seen him, he was unmistakeably there. The bleeding cold burning inside her chest told her this was truth.Scanning for moving shapes in the mist, his illusive presence had intensified and darkened the whiteness that rose as high as the tree canopy. 
“Why did you walk away from your men?” the voice asked her from the shrouding veil. Melodic, deep too, glamour never sounded so good. She’d known he would sound like this.

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  1. The difficult part of six sentence Sunday is that you lose flow. It's hard to recall how this fits, if it fits (maybe it doesn't matter)... But here are my thoughts: "the bleeding cold" sounds ominous and dark to me but then her response that his voice is "melodic...never sounded so good" seems out of context. But then I also don't know where your going next so it may fit perfectly and fit in the context!

  2. I like that she feels like a strong woman. I'm waiting for her to kick ass I think xD Love it!

  3. Unlike Danette, I actually found the contrast between her reaction and the atmosphere intriguing. It made me think the Hale must be affecting her. Interesting world you're building!

  4. "Melodic, deep too, glamour never sounded so good." Excellent line, especially in contrast to the darkness in the first few lines. Danger, danger!

  5. A nice six xx Thanks

  6. Thanks you for your comments. I'm glad you found the short piece drew you into Darrah world.
    Hi Danette after reading your comment, I have been thinking about how modern and slick "glamour never sounded so good" sounds. I want this sentiment but it does sound fairly contemporary. I may look at this.