Monday 18 October 2010


I posted a parcel to the student of Fine Art in Manchester.

She needed the sheet - her Ode to Tracey Emin - from the loft, and a sheet to further her Eminology, if we happened to have one going spare. She also wanted a sheet to appreciate the intrinsic nature of form and function in perfect harmony, without the need to wash and tumble dry with focussed concentration.

We're not talking New Orleans to Barrow, Alaska so, how can it cost £4 to post three sheets, and a book half way up a, relatively, small country? 

With no TV and a small allowance,  Minnow has read more novels in the month she has been away, than during the two years GCSE English and two years of A level Literature combined. 

She knows I am a push over, when it comes to shopping for 'essentials' but when she said 'I need a book to read' she set her parents against each other. Neither of us are content to find a book to send, it has to be the right book - the best book.

So far, we have sent:

1   Troubles - JG Farrell
2   Morrissey's Manchester - Phill Gatenby

3   A Temporary Life - David Storey    (perfect on content and music reference levels)

One and three are mine. He-who-must-not is considering what he is going to counter with. Now, obviously, I don't want him getting ahead with the most appropriate reading material, so what do you think I should send my Art student next? 

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