Wednesday 13 October 2010


I love Glasvegas:  a case of total adoration.
I have a photo of us together- of course, I was in the front row of their set at the Reading Festival last year, and they were on stage, but we are all in the picture, so that counts; right?

I was watching Vampire Diaries, like-you-do: big build-up at the carnival, all hell about to let loose, and I'm-like-OMG-it's-GLASVEGAS! Sod the plot - I hit rewind and the Glasvegas did that thing:  the accent, the lyrics, the sound - their harmonics are hard-wired to somewhere more elemental than hearing - sensory overload.

When it comes to Glasvegas, I fight off the descent into walls-covered-in-posters, wristband on the noticeboard, lyrics in the notebook thing (not very hard, because two of those three I have)

" I took your love for granted
Thought it was the freedom that I wanted
Now here in your absence, I was wrong"    Glasvegas: "Please come back home"

The short track called S.A.D. LIGHT - played loud - ? - : ) - makes me unreasonably happy - the perfect autumn-dims-days-to-early-twilight's lost love's lament. 

Listening to the CD? Skip track one until you get to love them - Daddy's Gone, Geraldine, Lonesome Swan, S.A.D. Light, Cheating heart - I'd start there and work onto others later. Then there is the downloadable Christmas with Glasvegas  -- A Snowflake fell (And it felt like a kiss)  EP -- a hard-edged reality check. 

Did I mention I love GLASVEGAS? 

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