Saturday, 27 March 2010


Patience is a virtue, apparently.

I might be lacking in virtue.

What do you do when you can't work on submissions or even play the Re-edit game, again?

The simple answer is write something else, I know.

What if I don't want to?

I can hear the call to work on Book 2 but I'm treating that like the noise outside in the slash-horror movie - don't do it!

This feeling isn't fear, I'm going to take my teen - with her newly qualified driver status - on the M1 in 5 minutes, I know how fear feels.

I'll open RAISED later, see if it can distract me.

Did you all play the create a bumper sticker game? Terresa set the challenge. It distracted me for at least ten minutes yesterday. This my sticker.

WRITING: the only thing better than reading.


  1. What do you do if you can't...or don't want to?

    I always end up cleaning the house but I think your day will be much more challenging on the M1. Good luck with that.

  2. Motorway, country lanes, motorway - the ultimate challenge - yet, we survived. Dunstable Downs was lush and green in the drizzle.

  3. patience is a virtue to people who aren't waiting for anything.

    you know what you need? a spa day. whether at home or at an actual spa, you need to take some time just for yourself to relax and congratulate yourself on getting this far in the game. so yes. do something nice for yourself while you wait.

    and again, GOOD JOB!

  4. I like the idea of a spa day. Or driving in a place with the oh-so-adorable name of Dunstable Downs (to a non-Brit, it sounds incredibly hobbity.)

    Or you could just reverse your bumper sticker message for a week or two: sometimes reading is better than writing. I find reading about writing often gets my muse up and off her derriere. Have you read Stephen King's On Writing?

  5. Good luck with the driving - it's always fun :)

    You could always start something totally different - somehting fresh :)

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  7. Dunstable Downs was spa-like, the rain was the wet kind ;) and now you mention it the rolling hills are very Shire. We saw lots of mini hobbit holes, too.
    I'm finding it hard to focus of writing the new book, RAISED, when my brian is composing the end of Jess and Caleb's fifth school term. I can normally ignore and store the ideas - transfer them into the note book - and get one with other stuff but... my brian is doing volcanic activity. :)
    I'm reading Donnelly and Delaney - the pair of Josephs.

  8. Oh, that is too funny! I'm leaving "brian" - way more fun than brain - very indicative of my state of mind!

  9. That limbo when your work is finished and you are still too involved with it to work on whatever is next, is awful.

    Chocolate sounds good at these times.


    Publish or Perish

  10. Firstly, thanks for checking in on me when I was MIA. I appreciate it. Secondly, waiting is easier when you know when the end will be. It is hard to have patience when the endgame is totally unknown.

    Here's hoping for a good result.

  11. I take no issue with procrastination. Taking a walk, hanging out with friends. I mean, we never know where the next idea will come from, right? :) Great post. Hope you get started on Book 2 soon!