Sunday, 8 January 2012


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When I'm not writing MG I slide over to the paranormal side.


Darrah has been charged with finding and rescuing the Regal's heir. The evidence suggests he was taken by a band of Sarkisians who feed directly from the living. Darrah fights her cultural prejudice and instinctive fears when The Sarkisian Council send Fauld Hale to work alongside her to rescue the boy and maintain the fragile peace between their peoples.

Darrah doesn't trust Hale, he has too many secrets and too much power. It's almost as if he knows what she is thinking... or worse. 

This is my life or death SUNDAY 6:

Inside the brilliant golden glow that emanated from the Sarkisian, Darrah was consumed by pain that burned from her heart to her fingertips and toes. Clenched fists dug into her back as, with his arms wrapped around her, Hale held her close. She could also feel Hale's rising need and that reaction from her frosty companion confused her. She stared into his dark eyes. Once the connection was made, it was the determination she saw there that held her. "What do you want?" 

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Every lunchtime I spend a twenty minutes Writing Recklessly. I'm using the prompts set by Sally Quiller from her 100k in 100 days Challenge. I'm enjoying writing something different everyday.



  1. I think I know what's going to happen next. If not, I think I know what I HOPE will happen next. Steamy! At first I thought Darrah was a boy because of the name. My bad.

  2. Going through a down period but I am getting some things around the house decluttered which is absolutely necessary so I guess I am okay with not having gotten much writing done-- for now.

    Quick first reaction to Drawn: Definitely working up steam between the two characters here which is always going to keep readers interested. I'm not not sure how his fists would be digging into her back if his arms were wrapped around her... unless Sarkisians have very long arms.

  3. Hi Clarissa
    More defrosting than steaming at this point in the story ;)

    Hi Danette
    He is reaching far and wide to get his favourite flavour Popsicle thawed out.;) *shameful TV secret and apologies to my other half: I have an image from Jake 2.0 I bring to mind when imagining clinches and how far a guy could possibly reach

  4. Hi Madeline
    You cheered me up.
    So far this week, poor Darrah was mistaken for a boy and then Hale was accused of being armed like an ape ;)