Thursday 18 August 2011


Waterstones - untouched during the riots.
Do you think the looters figured
the books were cheaper on Amazon? ;)
It's a good job I'm law abiding.

I am horrified by my disjointed blog-posting regime, I plan to get back on track soon.

Part of the problem was the amount of time I spent watching the news when civil disobedience and mob rule tried to become the norm, in England.

I have also spent time writing. Unplugged. It was scary but productive.

We were working on style and voice, I plan to write some short post on some of the things we covered.

Plus points:
It is still the long summer holidays
Having Mum within easy distance is sooo good
There are sliding doors on my wardrobes
I'm writing

Less-plus points:
Arrangements for my son to move to some form of independent living are gathering momentum
My daughter is organising for V-fest and talking about going back to Manchester Uni like it is her real-life (which it is)
My management training course is finished and I've booked up for a writing course ;)

Today's reading in the Daily Mail on-line turned up news only slightly less horrible than 
watching live-streams of greed:

Researchers have genetically engineered goats to produce milk packed with the same protein as silk spiders.

The protein is then milked out and spun and weaved into a material ten times stronger than steel.

I can see advantages in creating lightweight, protective clothing for the Police, I can even see it as a useful device in works of fiction, but – Frankenstein-lives – imagine the researchers taking their work further. It is only a short stagger to imagine them making a few genetic modifications and creating bulletproof human skin just like they made fabric from spider silk and goat milk.

How are things going with you? Are you feeling good about your writing progress?


  1. It's been scary to watch the news about London. It's so contrary to what I consider British style and personality.

    I'm editing one story and enjoying it - I'm at the slash and burn stage. :)

  2. The goat thing is kind of freaky, but interesting. I'm going to have to look that up. Thanks for posting on it, so I know to go hunt it down. :)

    I hope things are settling down in London.

    Writing unplugged is very productive. I need to do that again very soon.

  3. I've never tried writing unplugged for an extended period of time, but it sounds like it would be productive. :)

    I heard about the goat thing before--not really sure what to think of it quite yet.

  4. Hi Jemi
    I felt I couldn't leave the TV because when I did something even worse seemed to have happened. My daughter has a Blackberry - the messages she was picking up were awful.

    Hi M ;)
    Things are almost back to normal but I was worried about helping my daughter set off for the V-fest music festival - one more element (as well as stages falling down) to worry about. I'm a great mum-worrier I have all the best clichés down-pat.

    Hi GE
    The genetically modified goat bi-product is extreme - useful but...!