Friday 18 June 2010

Goodbye to guilt; hello to too many ideas

This week has been a week full of ideas. The first MG, was written in my head within an hour. I could see it all Titian bright and Kandinsky coloured.
Then, two more characters stepped out of the lift.
The cupboard and the corner created the life-style and the alternate reality.
Bright ideas but too many. All I could do was make notes while they were still vibrant: I’ve made so many notes I’ve brought on carpal tunnel and worn grooves in to both wrists. 

I thought having ideas would be a good thing.

I tried to do some rudimentary ordering – prioritising. 

It didn’t work. 

I found that whichever idea I was making notes on was the one I wanted to write. I discussed one idea with the Minnow. She waited until I got to the paranormal element of idea four and said, “You could just go with it neat. Real people love too.”

But it would be grimmer in real life. Fantasy and the paranormal suggest that only the extraordinary gets in the way of the rightness of things.

    I’m pushed for time right now. The summer seems a long way off but it is   getting closer tick by, irritating, tock. Once I get there my quality writing time increases. 

   I'm saying goodbye to the endless guilt; I am making time to write. 

Is there something you gave up on so you could make the time to write?


  1. Video games. I haven't played one in months because of my writing. *sigh*

  2. Oh, Larry. Video games are so hard to ration. It is a shame the playing has dwindled to never. Playing verses writing? Writing does sound to have so much more purpose.
    Good luck with the writing. :)

  3. I've given up paid work to get my novel finished and polished. I'm fortunate to have a lovely husband who's happy to support me financially, but asking him for money isn't the same as earning it myself!

  4. Hi Janet
    The relief to be able to focus on one set of pressures!
    Thanks for commenting

  5. Sleep. TV.

    I still generally have the tv (or music) on in the background, but I never just 'watch' anything. :)

  6. Jemi, such a sacrifice, how do you do it?
    I have to class it as research. Really, I'd die, shrivel into an uncreative wrinkled prune if I didn't get my fix of TV viewing. ;)
    I do have to settle for recording and catching up over meals.

  7. sanity :D oh, wait. i never had that to begin with.

    uh, free time, more than anything else. i have to work, and sometimes i play games way too late in the morning, but those times when there's nothing on my plate and i could do something else, i write. and trust me, i have a lot of that time.

  8. Sanity is much over-rated. Creativity straddles that line.
    You have a good balance of work, games and writing :)